And on that note… we will be on vacation through Labor Day weekend! The shops are both still open for orders, but all shipping will be delayed until when we return the following week. Heading up to Portland and then a lazy drive back down the west coast!


I’m about to head out to Portland but I am so excited, I just can’t keep a lid on this until Labor Day!

It’s that time again, and Honey&Ollie’s AUTUMN Earring Of The Month Club will open for signups on September 1st!

We’re doing something a little bit different this round. I’ve decided to take the club in a new direction and I am very excited about it! Starting with the Autumn Club round, you get TWO options for your club membership. Whichever one you pick, you’re guaranteed to get something that will utterly delight you!

Autumn Earring Club Theme #1 – Tales From The Teahouse


Inspired by a short fantasy story I wrote many years ago about a teahouse. Sitting at the crossroads in the middle of a marketplace, built around a magic spring and guarded by a dragon, there is an ancient teahouse. Weary travelers from distant lands congregate here and share their stories over steaming pots of tea.

Each month’s selection will be an artful interpretation of a place where one might like to travel. It is entirely the Artist’s discretion as to whether or not those destinations are of this world or from this time – the Universe is a big place, after all. Who knows where, or when, a traveler might have hailed from originally!

Each club selection will include new and wonderful gemstones or possibly handmade art beads and textiles – the elements for this global and culturally themed club are going to be a surprise each month! You can definitely expect some very funky and bohemian designs with lots of color, as I create my artful interpretation of a new exotic locale each month! You will also receive a delicious tea sample to sip, while you imagine yourself at the Teahouse or perhaps on even more distant shores…

I have tried to be a little bit seasonal with this club. I will be offering this theme for the next 12 months (that’s 4 club rounds of 3 months each), so I can match the colors, material and place inspiration to the appropriate season as much as possible. Thus, as we are going into fall and winter, we will focus on lands that might be snowy or reflect the coming season.

October: The ancient kingdom of Rus… land of the Firebird and the Czars.

November: The Himalayas… sacred mountains, with eternal snows.

December: Iceland… surrounded by the sea and crowned by the Northern Lights, stark contrast of fire and ice.

Autumn Earring Club Theme #2 The Faerie Ring


This option was inspired by my love of fairy tales and myth. As ever, you will receive one pair of earrings each month. Each selection will include new and wonderful gemstones that we haven’t used before, or possibly handmade art beads and textiles. Expect whimsy and enchantment, as I create my artful interpretation of a beloved faerie tale each month! This club will span the globe, and you will receive a delicious fine tea sample to sip as you immerse yourself in your Fairy Tale.

I have tried to be a little bit seasonal with this club. I am going to be offering this theme for 12 months (that’s 4 club rounds of 3 months each), so I can match colors, material and designs to the appropriate story and season as much as possible. Thus, as we are going into fall and then winter, we will focus on tales that come from snowy climes…

October: The Firebird… a Russian fairy tale about a bird of flame who becomes a beautiful girl…

November: Snow White… hair as black as a raven’s wing, skin as white as snow, ruby lips like drops of blood in the snow…

December: The Snow Queen… Scandinavian tale of valiant Gerda and her companion the Wise Bear, on a quest to save her true love from the Snow Queen.

Whichever option you choose

it is an amazing bargain at just $99 for three months! The choice is yours. Pick your preference on our Etsy site, there is a separate listing for each club option. If you really want to splurge or can’t decide, why not go for double the earrings and sign up for one of each?

Signups start on September 1st, for the Autumn Club. Club runs October, November, and December. Each month, around the 15th, you’ll get a pair of surprise earrings in the mail. It’s a lot of fun and people love the club so much that they sign up over and over! As always, club designs are exclusive to the club for the three months of the round they came from. You will not find them in our online stores or at any of our shows until the three months are over.

Hope you are as excited about these options as I am!

This week in Honey&Ollie, we’re all about the glass. Yesterday’s ancient Roman glass update has given way to another time-worn glass. Just, not as ancient!

I’m talking sea glass.


That wonderful stuff that the Cap and I periodically find along the coast of Northern and Central California on our road trips… I love making it into jewelry! Today’s Etsy update had all the sea glass! In fact, it has its own section in our shop now!

I love this amazing art focal necklace (bronze sea urchin from Thea Elements) with sea glass, amazonite, pearls and Czech glass. I imagine that Aphrodite might’ve worn something like it when she stepped off that seashell.

Tiny green chunks of worn sea glass, with amethysts and bronze wraps…

Beautiful cobalt, a rhapsody in blue! These are accented with natural sapphires and blue lace agate rondelles. Love the mix of high end with basic stone!

And last but not least, a whole slew of our larger blue green glass dangle earrings These are accented with peridot and wrapped in sterling.


I love sea glass so much. Love the interaction of the natural world with this man-made substance. Cap and I are driving up to Portland next week, and I think we’ll take the long, slow way home, with plenty of stops at the beach for glass hunting!


Can’t wait.

Ongoing update, this week!

It is all about the glass this week, here at Honey&Ollie. Glass, art beads and artisan elements!

Across the Rubicon: reminiscent of ancient silk roads – Celtic patterned bronze, sari silk, ancient Roman glass, art glass and Chinese turquoise.

Starry Skies Over Palatine Hill: ancient Roman glass, Scorched Earth ceramic components and vintage sari silk

Through Painted Deserts: bronze, Sleeping Beauty turquoise and poppy jasper

Roman and art glass up today… sea glass tomorrow!

Happy Birthday!

20 years ago today, something awesome happened and my life got exponentially better by far.


While it’s hard to believe that it’s actually been two decades, I have loved every minute of every day.


Happy birthday baby girl. I love you. <3


Have you checked out the Honey&Ollie Sweet Summer Etsy Sale yet? If not, you totally should, it is going on right now!

Take 15% off your total purchase at checkout, with the coupon code BLOGSUMMERSALE which is good now through Sunday the 17th!

Lots of new listings, lots of old favorites you might have been yearning for… stuff is going fast and you don’t want to miss out.

Thanks and have a super sweet day!

Yet More Fun With Cats

It all started a few weeks ago, during the Twain Harte fair, when Lovebug, Fifth Viscount Naughtypants, the Earl of Angelfluff, Mr. Tinklebritches Esq. III figured out how to get around the patented Grip Security Measures we’d installed on the back screen door. He took several extended romps through the lion and bear infested forest (y’all, there was a black bear just hanging out next to the wood pile two weeks ago), and discovered a lovely system of culverts and pipes under our road. Pipes that a resourceful fellow could duck into in a pinch, say, if a human being were pelting after him trying to forcibly return him to his Indoor Cat state. Done properly, a fellow could then pop up on the other side of the road and make his escape, while the hapless human was still peering fruitlessly into the culvert pipe, calling, “Heeeere kitty kitty….” and shaking a bag of salmon treats.


He is the Lone Free Ranger. Who has only ever had Inside Cat shots, because we erroneously believed that he was on board with the Inside Cat idea.

My bad.

Last week the Lone Free Ranger won an all expenses paid overnight stay in a luxury suite at the cat hospital, where he was diagnosed with asthma. So now he is on steroids. Our rambunctious, bear wrasslin, outside lovin’, take a walk on the wild side, little cat was initially thrilled at the idea of steroids. Visions of bodybuilding stardom danced in his little pea brain, perhaps a walk-on role in an updated barbarian movie was in his future!


No no. Those are the wrong kind of steroids. You aren’t going to be pumping it up with Hans and Franz any time soon, I’m afraid. These will just puff you up, my little Viennese sausage.

A few days later, he had to go back to the hospital. Indoor Cat meets Outside Virus. We added two more medicines to the regime. This is when I realized that every penny I made in San Jose was going to wind up in my vet’s bank account and I might have to sell a kidney to pay the rent.

1. We are now dosing the cat with meds five times a day.
2.My vet is probably planning an extended trip to Hawaii.
3.I will never be able to afford Hawaii because cat nebulizers are expensive.

Hawaii Sunset
This is Hawaii. WHERE I WILL NEVER GO. (and this is the flickr feed of the person who took this awesome picture)

So I’m curious. Do I look like a rodeo clown? Because wrangling this cat feels kind of like what I imagine I would feel like if I were a rodeo clown.

When he hears me open the fridge to get his meds out, he quickly leaps up to the top shelf of the cat tree and turns on the Death Ray Glare. Our cat tree is +6’ and I am only 5’7”. You may be starting to see a problem here.

little black raincloudbug

As I go look for a stepladder, he sinks his claws into the living room curtains and hangs on for dear life. Once the cat has successfully been extricated from curtains and cat tree, it takes three of us to actually get the meds into him: The Squasher, The Big Meanie and The Surgical Nurse.

The Squasher, has to sit (gently) on him and sort of restrain him with their knees, while (gently) maintaining a (gentle) grip on his scruff. It is not a risk-free task. We are all sporting livid claw marks around the knee area.

The Big Meanie, has to get the tip of the syringe between his tightly clenched little jaws in order to squirt the medicine into his mouth. This is tricky. The second he sees the syringe, the cat starts whipping his head around like a Moray eel. It is very easy for the Big Meanie to miss the target entirely. When this happens, the Squasher inevitably winds up with medicine all over his or her pants. At this point, everyone has to wait as the Surgical Nurse reloads the syringe. The Squasher must retain their grip on the cat. The Big Meanie must make the cat believe that this isn’t actually a violation of the Geneva Convention, that really, it’s for his own good and that this hurts me more than it hurts you.

The cat buys exactly none of it.

It is the Surgical Nurse’s job to load and hand the syringes over in the right order, as they are called for. “Doxycyclene!” “Towel!” “Prednisone!” “Water!” “MEDIC!” She must be ready with a paper towel in case a knee or a chin is in need of mopping. She must have band-aids, and Bactine close at hand. We all like this job best.

Last night the cat figured out how to spit his medicine across the living room. This morning he one upped that feat, made an alarming noise, spit his meds out in my face, clawed his way free and leapt to the top of the cat tree in a matter of seconds. There he sat, daring us to wrangle him down for a second time. There’s a point in every battle where someone says, “fuck it. You win.” Well I didn’t actually say, “Fuck it, you win.” No. I was trying to get prednisone out of my eye. But I thought it.

The cat has since informed me that I am violating his human rights. I will be hearing from his attorney and that also, he called the UN. I told him that the UN is busy and to get off the damn cat tree, it’s time for his dewormer. I haven’t had the guts to tell him that after his antibiotics run out, the vet will be jabbing him in the arse with Outside Cat shots. I’ll let her explain that one. She just got back from Hawaii after all. She’s nicely tanned and not covered in scratches and prednisone. Fresh. Yeah. That’s it.



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