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Oh my holy gosh, yum.


Seriously have you ever seen something so delicious?
I’ve had this bump of fiber sitting in my stash for aeons, and I finally pulled it out and thought I’d spin it up this week. A certain someone who lives in a wet, chilly climate is having a birthday later this month and a new hat is required.


This was a club fiber from Becoming Art, way back in 2011 or so. 100% Finn top. It was so felted from being in a bag and compressed in my stash for 3 years. I could not get an even single, not even with some serious pre-drafting. After a really frustrating and hand crampy half an hour, I finally gave up and let the fiber be the thick and thin lumpy yarn that it wanted to be. “Express your inner art yarn.” I said. “Be free!”

Ok, that’s not actually what I said. But I probably shouldn’t repeat what I actually said. SO we’ll pretend I was all in support of this wild and crazy yarn idea. Given who I was spinning the yarn for, I guess that wild and crazy isn’t too shocking.

Rumors of me throwing the lump of fiber across the room and swearing, while in a fit of fiber-induced rage are completely true.

So the problem with plying a thick overspun single with a delicate silk lace yarn, especially when you’re doing things like coils (even loose ones) is that the lace yarn snaps. Of course. And there are several spots where that happened and I had to knot the ends together and keep going. I think it’ll be ok in the knitting but geez, it made for some exciting moments while I was plying. A little bath (and no thwapping, I didn’t want to snap the silk ply again) and it’s pretty much perfect. The silk fluffed up a bunch after washing too. I’d forgotten that coned yarns are often oiled, to be used in machines.


Catch Me A Rainbow.

Proof that sometimes things don’t go according to plan but if you can roll with it, you might just get something better.


Thanks, Becoming Art!!

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Last night, after a very interesting but grueling Bio class, I picked up a bump of BFL from Pigeonroof Studios, thinking I’d do another 3 ply sock yarn. Except the fiber, it really did not want to be 3 ply sock yarn. And I really did not want to fight with fiber. I’ve been fighting with Kreb’s Cycles and bio-chem for weeks now. It’s been a horrid slog just to maintain a C in this wretched class and I must, I absolutely MUST have a B but preferably an A to get into the nursing program (I think I can bring it up, we’ve got 3 tests left, I’m only half a percent away from a B now and I have an A in lab. But oof. Sweet creeping zombie jesus I hate bio chem). I have teenage daughters and five cats who don’t behave and frankly, I’m oh so tired of fighting with things.

So I asked my inner moppet what she wanted to spin and she said, “Thick and thin, please.”

Art Yarn 2 - Winterberry

And then she said, “How about plying it with some sewing thread?” and I said, “Okay!”

Winterberry macro 1

And that worked out well and the Inner Moppet clapped her hands and was pleased. Now she is looking at the ounce or so I have left of this and asking if we can do more thick n thin and maybe string some beads on the plying thread this time? I think we can do that. She’s also muttering things about sequins, buttons, silk flowers and art yarns.

My Inner Moppet and I are both enchanted with the spinning wheel today.

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