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The Nuthouse is finally beginning to resemble a place where someone lives. The weather has started to turn from hot hot summer to crisp autumn. Days are still warm, but the nights and mornings… oh they aren’t so warm. The Nuthouse is very snug though, when it is cold outside. We have a great little woodstove. The cats really approve of that. Ollie, in particular, has a great affection for the stove.


While they’ve all been exploring the pleasures of radiant wood heat over the last few days, Ollie was the first of our crew to really commit himself to the experience. Because he is brave and intrepid like that. Two points to Team Tuxedo.


We had a hell of a rainstorm yesterday. Thunder and lightning, several bouts of hail… you know you’re a jewelry maker when you are looking at the hail stones and offhandedly think to yourself that they look like 10-12mm quartz beads. It was over by dawn and we had bright blue skies when I woke up today. The cats and I were beautifully toasty inside, with the fire crackling in the stove providing a counterpoint to the drumming water on the roof and the BOOM! flashes of light and sound going on outside.

It was all kinds of beautiful when we got up this morning.


Steam was rising off of every surface as the sun hit it. Moss, the deck, the chairs, our neighbor’s cabin. I’ve really never seen anything like it. All shades of wood and brown and green with sparkling water drops and cottony white puffs of mist. I looked at all that and thought to myself, you know, how do you even do something like that justice? How do you share that? I don’t think you really can. You can try. But some things really just have to live in your experience. Then again, a camera helps.



It is breathtaking and beautiful and the world is somehow all washed clean, just like after a rain in LA, but in a totally different way. The thin layer of ash that was clinging to this part of the world seems to have been washed off, and all the colors are more vibrant today. I know they say that the Rim fire won’t be fully out till the first snow, but I hope the rain helped the firemen a little bit at least.

I have an Autumn Morning After Rain necklace in my mind. All crystal drops and leafy peridot against a darker framework of woody browns and golden yellows. There’s a story that wants told.

I love it here.

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We are out of our homes in Southern CA, and camped out in my mom’s spare room in the Valley. The evacuation advisory continues in our new town of Long Barn and the fire crews are staged all around. A lot of activity in that part of the world right now! And we, well, we are staying out of the way.

Like with the Station Fire, I am reminded of how beautiful and compelling these fires can be. A primal force of nature. People say fire is good for the forest, but you know, not like this. This fire is SO hot, so destructive, it’s just obliterated the areas it has passed through. Seeds burst, yes, and things grow from fire, but not when that fire is thousands of degrees too hot for them to survive the burning.

As of tonight, we are still here in limbo, and we don’t know when we’ll be able to go to our new house. And you know, it’s ok. We’re fine. We feel lucky to have a comfortable place to wait it out in, but I’ll admit that it’s also hard to feel displaced. So many folks have been evacuated or are packed to be evacuated – it isn’t just some ancient Sequoias in Yosemite that are at risk here, but 20,000 residents of the 108 corridor in Tuolumne County whose homes are in danger.

The fire is 213,414 acres. That’s 333 square miles of fire, y’all. It is only 35% contained.

Hopefully the next time I write, it will be from our new home.

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