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sheltering sky

more sheltering sky

Well it’s not Vermont, but oh we got snow. Last weekend, we went from contrasting colors, migrating geese and rather “Winter is coming” mountain vistas to “No really, winter is here. And it wants a sandwich.”




As you can see, we got rather a lot of snow. So much snow, in fact, that I am rethinking my previous assertation that we had snow a few weeks ago. Snow? Ok maybe that was like, a tiny sprinkle of snow. A hinting at snow. This? This is SNOW.


I’ve seen snow before when visiting friends back East, but always after it has fallen. I never got to watch it fall before. Never got to see it when it was fresh – covering every leaf, every branch, every post. The world really does look like one of those tourism postcards promoting the beauty of the mountains, enticing people to come up and ski. I liked walking through it every day, crunch crunch crunch in an otherwise quiet world of white.

We had quite a spectacular collection of icicles. They grew and grew every day. I wasn’t sure why some houses (ours) had icicles and others didn’t, but the Captain tells me that this is how you can tell which houses are occupied. The warm air under the roof melts the snow and makes the icicles. The vacation cabins didn’t have any. Pity. Every cabin should get some icicles, if you ask me.




A certain kind of adventurous spirit can really enjoy the snow.


On the other hand… some spirits are less adventurous.


I suppose I am with the cats on this one. I was rather content to laze about next to the wood fire with my knitting, mug of tea in hand, watching fat flakes slowly drift down. The Captain industriously shoveled snow away from the bird feeders and the car (a good thing, that) and where ever else we needed to be.


shovel that snow

Shoveling snow is not so much my thing. I’d rather be eating pancakes. The nice thing about pancakes is, you can call in the person who is shoveling the snow and set a hot plate of pancakes and bacon in front of them, and they will think you are simply great. You will get all kinds of kudos. Plus, pancakes. Enlightened self interest for the win.

Sadly, our little red Honda has proven itself useless with even a little bit of snow on the road – even with chains. I’m thinking snow tires might help with the traction issue a little bit, but it is very apparent that Tosh is not really a Winter Kind Of Car. I think if cars had feelings, she’d be terribly sorry about that fact, being such a generally reliable little thing.

car getting buried

I keep telling her it will be all right come spring. And there are worse things than being snowed in for 4 days with pancakes, bacon and hot tea, while you wait for roads to melt. Even if you are out of clean socks.

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First of the Lake Trees

There’s a trio of trees down by the lake and I’ve been watching them start to change. For someone used to the phenomenon, it is probably no big thing, but to me, it’s a little bit miraculous. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

A little bit of yellow

Every few days, I go take a picture and they are always changing.

A little more yellow

I hadn’t been in a bit, so today was especially shocking.

Okay now we're talking

We’ve been doing all the yardwork. Seriously. ALL the yardwork. Clearing the yard is a huge task – this was the first portion of the first day and only about 10×15 feet of the front of the house.

All the Yardwork.

We’ve filled their slash pile by now, I think.

Our backyard

This is basically what we’re having to clear in places, all the way down to dirt.

It’s not all yardwork, though.


OH so cosy.

Cats enjoy the wood stove

As you know from previous posts… there’s a lot of eating. There’s also walking down to our lake and watching ducks and dragonflies.

The lake on the other side of the three trees.

Watching moss.

Moss on a tree

And experiencing proper weather for the first time in 18 years.


There has also been some re-evaluation of the idea that the cats will be unable to get into the upstairs bedrooms when the doors are closed. They jump higher than we thought and it’s an A frame with walls that don’t go all the way up so that the heat can circulate.

You thought...

Yeah. Totally rethinking that one.

I think we can officially lose the appellation of Flatlanders in about 5 months, after we’ve survived our first full winter on the mountain. Till then we’re “those nice kids from LA, gosh we hope they make it.”

We’re totally going to make it. We were meant to be mountain people.

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