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You are probably really tired of looking at paint, huh?

I am getting really tired of looking at paint too. Boy, am I ever. Because we are on Day 3 of painting and we are going back tomorrow for more painting. But also to install a floor, so that will mix it up a little bit.


Base coat of heavy cream is now up. I’m loving it, especially over the texture. We used Glidden brand “Duo” which is a paint and primer in one, and the color is “File Cabinet” which I’m not sure about. The name, I mean. It’s a weird name. We are glad we primed with the Killz2 and THEN did the Glidden, because the coverage is just superb, over the spackle texture.

Tomorrow is one more coat of “Raw Sugar”, and then it’s just detail stuff.


See how happy I look here? That’s because I know that there’s only one more day of painting.


This is Captain Sexypants, saying, “No really, you can do it, L’il Buckaroo!”

or he might have actually been saying “Let’s go get lunch, I’m tired of painting.”


The Big Ass Fans are still not working, which makes it very warm in the Crafted building.


no really. They are Big Ass Fans. And they have Magic Blades which angle up or down depending on whether you want heating or cooling. One angle blows warm air down on you, while the other sucks warm air up.


We still haven’t got lights on our side of the building, but the guys were working hard today to get them sorted out for us.

We had a rather exhausting trip to Home Depot (I am now an expert at Home Depot and can find anything in the Flooring, Hardware, or Paint dept., which is a little funny if you consider how much I hated going to the hardware store when I was a kid) and I was inundated with too much information regarding flooring options. Then Captain Sexypants did some disco in Flooring, and wound up climbing on top of a pile of area rugs and having a little rest, which worried the nice Carpeting Man a little bit. “Attention Home Depot Shoppers. Freak in Aisle 9.”

And by “Home Depot Shoppers” I mean, “Security.”

There are no pictures of said area rug lounging, because I was trying to dig my iPhone out of my cargo pants and the pocket was buttoned and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t do the button and then I almost wet my pants from laughing.

Thankfully, Restrooms are just two aisles over from Flooring.

The point is, I missed the photo op.

After going over every single flooring alternative to death, we circled right back around to the laminate vinyl faux hardwood panels which go over the subfloor without a lot of fuss, can be scored with a utility knife, and adhere with some Rhino tape.

There was some suggestion that maybe flooring samples could be acquired and put in the booth to see how they work with the paint, but that’s about when I said, “F*ck it, we’re getting cherry and it will work because I say so.”

I have excellent taste and no doubts that it will be the perfect flooring.

So, that’s tomorrow. I’m bringing my iPod doc and maybe we’ll get the Captain to do a little more disco.

PS: To whomever discovered my blog today by Googling “Crafted At THe Port of Los Angeles Won’t Work”: You are so very wrong.

Here is what I expect, as a vendor.

I expect there to be a few rough edges in the beginning. We all (and by this I mean the vendors) expect this and we are all planning for it, so we can hang in there and be our very best while it gets going.

I expect that it is going to be a learning curve for the vendors, for the Crafted partners, and for the folks in San Pedro. We all expect this, and we trust our Crafted Overlords (the partners and owners) to do their very best for us.

I expect it to take some time. It is an ongoing project that will not be realized in full until 2013. We all expect this, and are doing our part to help raise enthusiasm and awareness of the project via social media and our own fan bases. Because this is OUR marketplace and we are not passive in this process, not one bit. The vendors at Crafted are some of the most generative people I know.

Here is what I know. The City is actively creating a modernized, world class waterfront. There is SO much going on in that one small area, it’s amazing! They – the City of Los Angeles, and the folks in San Pedro’s local government – are very on board with supporting our project in very tangible ways. First class support from the City. Thanks, LA!

Yes, I am taking a risk by investing in Crafted. Here is the thing about risk, aside from the fact that life is just plain risky… I don’t take stupid risks. I’m not a gambler. I don’t even buy lotto tickets. What I know is that given the appropriate logistical support, the right marketing and a little time to get around those learning curves, it is going to work out just beautifully. I believe that Crafted will eventually surpass even long running artisan markets. The precedent for our success is already there. It lies in places like Portland’s Saturday (and Sunday) Market, long established and tremendously successful, huge tourist draws and a boon to their local economies.

None of us signed on for this on a lark. We, the artists and vendors, know it will be incredible. See, here is the thing. We are artists. We are the dreamers of dreams. That’s what we do. We dream them, and then we turn around and we make them real. Not to mention, we’re backed by some of the most savvy business minds in the local art world. Match made in heaven if you ask me.

Take off your pessimism pants!

It is going to be fabulous.

Come down and see us on Opening Weekend! Have something tasty from a gourmet food truck, enjoy some tunes, check out some fashion and handcrafts from our well curated, carefully juried collection of artists.

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The Honey&Ollie Girl, by Holly DeFount, of Raven and Rose Arts.

This amazing piece of original art, brilliantly executed by the wonderful Ms. DeFount, is going to be available as a limited edition print in her Etsy shop soon. I’ll let you know when.

The original will be living down at the port, in the Honey&Ollie booth. You’ll have to come and see her, and Mouse, in person!

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I’m actually gonna take just one second to acknowledge the passing of an amazing man – Mr. Don Moehnke of Eureka, CA. He was my first music teacher – recorder, flute, voice and music theory – and he was a tremendous and bright light. To the family of Mr. Moehnke, I just want to say that I mourn for your loss, he was special. Thank you for sharing your husband and father with so many little children and young adults, for so many years. He touched so many lives and now he is gone to the place where the music never ends.


Okay. DIY earring tutorials. Right. On it.

Part I – You will remember that we left off with cutting the mesh to size and attaching the mesh.


Place the wire mesh over the back of the frame, leaving yourself about 3/4 – 1″ of space for the hanging rings. Use a staple gun, and attach the mesh securely to the frame like so:


Now, get some D ring hangers. I got them at Aaron Bros. when I got the frames. You can probably also find them at Home Depot. Get two per frame.


Take a pen, and place the hangers where you want them. Then mark your frames so you know where to drill. Remember, though, mark/measure twice. Cut/drill once.



I actually drilled most of the holes but for photography purposes and because he is more photogenic than me, Captain Sexypants is today’s drilling demonstrator and model.

Hey, the power drill is the one tool in the shop that I am actually somewhat comfortable using!


You want to drill with a slightly smaller bit than your screws, and not quite as far down as your screws will go.


Attach your hangers. Careful not to strip the screws.


And that’s basically it. Now you can hang these on ribbons and hooks, or screws, whatever you like. I will probably hang two on the wall and put one on an easel.


I like the idea of using S-hooks for hanging things, but for my little pendants of glass, that doesn’t work so well. So they’re sideways S-hooks that I made out of copper. I’m still figuring out the proper hook to hook ratio but this is the general idea. People can pick out the tile they like and I’ll have an assortment of ribbons, chains and cords for them to pick from.


It also works nicely for earrings and necklaces, though I am going to use standard S-hooks for those and the earrings will be on cards.

It’s nice to have these done, though they were the least labor intensive of our efforts. Today we also stained things!


Hey baby… nice racks!


We put stain on the shelving brackets and plank shelves today, and they look very nice. It’s Minwax “terracotta” and I think we’re just gonna wax these after we finish staining everything. I’m not much for polyurethane and shiny, and wax is pretty nice looking.

Captain Sexypants is left handed and I am right handed and if we stand side by side the right way when we stain boards, it is a beautiful symphony of coordination. Unlike if we stand on the wrong side, when it is a cacophany of elbows banging.


We are ridiculous, but that’s okay. You know you still want to come see us when Honey&Ollie opens up at Crafted on June 29th!

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but first… what do I hear? Is it a rotary sander?


Why yes! Yes I think it IS a rotary sander… which means… it must be… THE SANDING BANDITO!!!


Okay, it’s not really a bandit, it’s just the Captain and his rotary sander, sanding All The Things.


Remember, kids, Captain Sexypants says, “Safety first.”

So… say you want to make some hanging wall displays for your booth and you are on a budget. Say, you are not sure if you want to hang necklaces or earrings, but you want the versatility of being able to choose either. This is a handy little display (nothing original, there’s a million like ’em on Etsy) that gives you a lot of options for showing off your work.

You will need:
Frames of whatever size you want.
Garden mesh (chicken wire, it comes in different sizes/shapes).
Wire snips or some kind of cutting device.
A staple gun.
D rings for frames
ribbon or chain for hanging.

First, the frames. Old frames, new frames, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Find something you like that matches your booth aesthetic. In my case, I’m going for “Enchanting antique shop where Fleur Delacour might shop.”


Aaron Bros was having a sale, and I had a coupon, so I picked some new frames. I didn’t want to go matchy matchy, my shelving is fairly dark, and I wanted to lighten things up a bit so I went with light, distressed frames with a little bit of metallic sheen here and there.

1. Take off the plywood panel on the back, and then remove the glass. CAREFULLY.

Now, you want to get some garden fencing or chicken wire. I’m not sure what they call it, it’s wire mesh and you get it at Home Depot or any hardware store that carries fencing.


2. Cut it. With the snips. I double dog dare you not to swear. Okay actually first you want to figure out how big to make the mesh. I used the frame as a reference, figuring I’d want about 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch of mesh overlaying the hole, on the back of the frame.


No really. NO swearing.

Okay fine, you can swear. I did. Repeatedly. Just persevere and eventually you will get through it. Or, in my case, Captain Sexypants will figure out a faster and more efficient way to do it that doesn’t involve scratches, puncture wounds and naughty words.

3. You want to put the mesh on the back of the frame, lining up the horizontal wire with the line of the frame. You don’t want it crooked. You also want it fairly tight.

4. use your staple gun to attach the mesh securely.


it is very simple.

Next post will show you how the back side of the frame looks and how we attached the staples, how to attach the D ring hangers so you can suspend it from a hook or a bar (you might also just want to put it on an easel on a shelf), some cute and decorative S hook options and pendant hangers, plus some ways you might display things on your new frames. Here you go, Part Two.

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In Progress Honey&Ollie sign

Holly at Raven and Rose Arts just shot me over this picture of my shop poster, in progress.

The Honey&Ollie girl! Who is secretly, in my heart, a grown up version of Ozma of Oz. Not to mention, a nod to my amazing Uncle Don, who helped inundate me with fairy tales, elves and magic at an early age and who had a lot to do with my love of Art Nouveau as well.

You will have to come down to Crafted at the Port when we open, and see her!

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Displays in progress

The Infamous Captain Sexypants (who is now “The Infamous Captain Sexypants” instead of just plain “Captain Sexypants” for the purposes of this blog post because at Uptown Village Market people he’d never met before kept coming up to him and going, “Hey you are Captain Sexypants, aren’t you?” and calling out across the crowded fair, “HEY CAPTAIN SEXYPANTS! HEY!” and other such things, and then I had some splainin’ to do) is VERY handy with wood. And, as you can see, he also knows his way around a sander and a table saw.

These were a splintery 10′ 4×4 post, some banister caps and a board, just a few short days ago. Now they are satiny, deluxe, almost-finished jewelry displays of pure AWESOME.

Once they are all glued and screwed together, I’ll be priming, painting and distressing them. An undercoat of brown and an overlay of cream (probably with a crackle finish and some dry brushed gold), then we’ll be adding cup hooks. They’ll primarily be used to display my handspun yarns and handknit caps, but the shorter ones will do nicely to show off my stitch markers and maybe also some earring cards.

There will be a tutorial.

Tomorrow, I will be turning a set of 3 vintage looking frames into earring hangers and a necklace display using florist’s wire, a staple gun, cork and aida cloth.

And hey guess what? Probably there will be a tutorial.

In the very least, there will be pictures.

Thursday, we are going to go to Home Depot for boards and probably we will also stand around hemming and hawing about paint chips and flooring samples and pulling our hair while we look agonized at the million. freaking. choices.

Oh wait, that’s just me.

The Infamous Captain Sexypants will probably just look cool and calm and collected and point out the perfect shade of Martha Stewart fancy texture-able flat latex.

Because he’s good like that.

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