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There are times when you look at something you’ve been knitting and it is so lopsided, so wrong, so completely NOT the way it obviously was intended to look, that you can only mutter something dire under your breath and rip it off the needles.

RIP, Baby Surprise Jacket. We’ll try it again when I am not quite so full of EPIC FAIL.

Hello Baby Garter Stitch Cardi from Erika Knight’s Cherished Babies book… you are my old friend! Please assuage my ego and heal the wound inflicted by Baby Surprise!

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Have embarked on Baby Surprise Jacket. Stop. Am dubious. Stop. Not sure, but think I am knitting origami. Stop.

Y’all… I’m going to get a sweater out of this, right? It’s not like some huge cosmic Elizabeth Zimmerman knitting joke, right?

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