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I know, I know, it’s been a lot of yarn porn lately. But you know, that’s what’s going on at Spacious Nuthouse Estates these days. All The Yarn.


Dug into the stash and grabbed some fiber by another one of my favorite fiber color artists. Ginny, who runs the company Fat Cat Knits.

What makes Ginny’s club colorways really cool is that you don’t get just one color to play with. She always dyes up two distinct-but-related colorways and you get half and half of each. They are designed to work together so you can either ply them against each other nicely, or so that if you spun and plied the two distinct yarns separately, they would be very complimentary. This is nice for stripes or colorwork.


I took the path of least resistance with this one and just plied the two bobbins against each other. I’m pretty happy I did. It’s a really wild array of colors and yet, they’re all quite harmonious. That’s why I named the skein “Autumn Array.” I’m so happy with this yarn! I feel like I’m starting to get my spinning chops back.


Fat Cat Knits fiber bases are incredible and the prep is always so good. This stuff spun up like butter and it has been stuck in a packed bin in the stash for 3 years now. No felting at all. I easily got a very even single and the plied WPI was mostly nice and consistent around the skein. A few spots are less than perfect… but that’s the beauty of handspun!


Autumn Array – 2011 Fat Cat Knits fiber club – BFL/silk.
206 yards of Aran weight yummiliciousness!

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Oh my holy gosh, yum.


Seriously have you ever seen something so delicious?
I’ve had this bump of fiber sitting in my stash for aeons, and I finally pulled it out and thought I’d spin it up this week. A certain someone who lives in a wet, chilly climate is having a birthday later this month and a new hat is required.


This was a club fiber from Becoming Art, way back in 2011 or so. 100% Finn top. It was so felted from being in a bag and compressed in my stash for 3 years. I could not get an even single, not even with some serious pre-drafting. After a really frustrating and hand crampy half an hour, I finally gave up and let the fiber be the thick and thin lumpy yarn that it wanted to be. “Express your inner art yarn.” I said. “Be free!”

Ok, that’s not actually what I said. But I probably shouldn’t repeat what I actually said. SO we’ll pretend I was all in support of this wild and crazy yarn idea. Given who I was spinning the yarn for, I guess that wild and crazy isn’t too shocking.

Rumors of me throwing the lump of fiber across the room and swearing, while in a fit of fiber-induced rage are completely true.

So the problem with plying a thick overspun single with a delicate silk lace yarn, especially when you’re doing things like coils (even loose ones) is that the lace yarn snaps. Of course. And there are several spots where that happened and I had to knot the ends together and keep going. I think it’ll be ok in the knitting but geez, it made for some exciting moments while I was plying. A little bath (and no thwapping, I didn’t want to snap the silk ply again) and it’s pretty much perfect. The silk fluffed up a bunch after washing too. I’d forgotten that coned yarns are often oiled, to be used in machines.


Catch Me A Rainbow.

Proof that sometimes things don’t go according to plan but if you can roll with it, you might just get something better.


Thanks, Becoming Art!!

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Our little winter rainstorm turned into 2 inches of snow overnight. The cats get really excited when snow happens, and there is a lot of running from window to window and meowing at the white outside world. And then of course, there is feline snoring next to the wood stove. We’re glad for the water, however it is falling.

Inclement weather is a good excuse for spinning and this week I did up most of a Sheep to Shoe kit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I really like these Blue Moon kits. The fiber preparation is wonderful and the colors are really nice. This one has been stashed for quite a while and it was a real treat to bust it out of the bin and spin it up.


I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my spinning and spin yarn to use for specific projects.  I wanted a nice tight 3 ply sock yarn with this one, and I didn’t really get one. I read that you want to overspin your singles a little and then overply the yarn a bit as well. I really thought I had it, it was definitely unbalanced in the too-tight right way after I plied, but not so much after washing and setting the twist. It’s a fine line. You don’t want your yarn to disintegrate on the first wearing, but you don’t want to spin it into twine, either.


Speaking of intentional spins, I’ve got 8 oz of Funky Carolina Falkland top on the wheel now. Being more than a little torqued about the inconsistencies in the yarn I just made, I thought I’d do another round and try to do it better. I did a little research first, and apparently Falkland is really good for socks.


Very grateful that the Captain does not require his socks and caps to be particularly understated or “manly” in hue. In fact he prefers the bright blues and greens and purples. No dull colors for him, no thanks.

Does anyone else feel like Facebook has essentially gutted the blog world? I’m really glad I don’t have internet at my house. It makes me seek out content that is more substantial in the limited internet time I have. I miss the conversations that center around blogging. The “like” button has not done good things for social media.

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Emergency kit

I do not think this is what people had in mind when they said, “Build an emergency earthquake kit.”

I have no memory of doing this.

It’s like, some really bad elves dumped out the water, cat food and clean emergency underwear, and replaced it with merino in the night.

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