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I totally made a thing today.

All stash or slush bowl. Pure inspiration. All mine*.

A triple strand of dreamy aquamarine, pink-hued freshwater pearls, rose quartz rounds, amazonite and Austrian crystals for a touch of bling. Accents of moonstone and labradorite, with one mauve stick pearl to balance the sterling floral toggle closure. And maybe a touch more bling.

This necklace is happy like a box of puffy white kittens. It is cotton ball fluffy clouds skidding across a sunrise pink sky, morning sunlight sparkling off of cool water, and it feels like sinking back into a downy morning dream.

Put this on and feel your heart chakra expand.

This necklace says, “Have a cookie.”

*By which I mean, it’s totally awesome and I kind of love it and I’m keeping it because I’m allowed to do that sometimes.


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With the holidays over, I’m back in the studio on a mostly predictable schedule. We wrapped up the Fall/Winter earring club in December, and suddenly it was a New Year which means, a new club! I wanted to do something a little different, so there has been some experimentation and fun going on.


Really, sometimes you just can’t resist your own work, and you keep what you should be selling. I mean, how am I supposed to let these go?



Here’s a little teaser of what club members will be unwrapping later this month…


Rumors that an extra pair of these made it from the bench onto my earring holder might be, um, true.

It’s good to be the king.

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