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…in a word? Bloody brilliant!

The weekend started out spectacularly when I fell down our stairs at 5:30 in the morning (that’ll larn me to try to walk without coffee) and pulled and strained a bunch of things that are best left unpulled. Like knees.

I discovered the wonderful Blooming Lotus – a husband and wife duo who teach yoga and make the most stunning wind chimes you might have ever seen. These are works of art and a set of amethyst and copper chimes followed me home. They were promptly given to Captain Sexypants, because I love him and something so beautiful could not possibly exist without me wanting to give them to him, along with the moon. Seeing as how the moon is impossible, windchimes it is! They were technically a birthday gift .

I’ve heard it said that “True Love Waits” but in this case True Love was pushy and started whining until the Cap agreed to unwrap what was in the shopping bag RIGHT NOW, two days early, instead of on his actual birthday.

Sometimes True Love gets like that.


Love the fire patina on the copper and all those rough stones. They are making our back deck rather fabulous. I’m a little worried that between those, the zen bells and the Tibetan prayer flags all over our front porch, our neighbors might think we’re pinko hippie liberals. Or something. Heh.


Musical high point of the whole weekend was definitely this Celtic rock band called Stand Easy. I got a huge kick out of them. Their show was a lot of fun!


All I have to say about that is, “wow.” Their singer/piper fellow John is really nice and wow can he ever rock the pipes. Throw in a pair of stompy boots, a fetching chapeau, a kilt and er, hello there Mr. Bagpipe Rocker Guy! You make the world just that much better with your bagpipes and your music (not to mention your knees, not that I was looking at them. Well maybe a little.) You just keep doing what you’re doing, ok? It’s working out fine. Carry on.

Seriously though, aren’t we all just sooo grateful for Scottish rock bands?

Thanks, Celtic Faire!

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Normally I’m not all about trends, but I do like some of the colors in this season’s Pantone palette.

I love the way these moss aquamarines and amethyst pieces echo the “african violet” and “grayed jade” hues.


I wasn’t trying to do that when I made these pieces, I just happen to love moss aquamarine with amethyst a whole lot. And when you add in the moonstone and tiny pops of spinel, well… it’s kind of fabulous don’t you think?


But that’s not all. Check it!


I was kind of done with clouds and gray one day, and this chalcedony and fire opal combo popped for me out of the blue.


Echoes of “Lemon Zest”, “Nectarine” and “Poppy” much?


While it’s unlikely that I’ll ever pay much attention to the seasonal color trends except in passing, it’s nice to know that maybe I managed to tap into the collective unconscious for a minute!

Both of these color combos were really just borne out of the “bead soup” method of jewelry design, in which I take a great whack of beads in colors that feel harmonious to me, and mesh them around until it all looks about right.

Come to think of it, that’s how I approach almost everything.

We are nothing if not scientific here at Honey&Ollie Designs, after all.

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