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Well the “I will go for walks!” portion of my “ME” program hasn’t been so successful in the first 6 days of 2017, but darn I’ve gotten a LOT of knitting and crochet done!

So first off, I frogged the horrible Mutton Sweater Wool Of The Andes baby sweater. It’s awful yarn. Will reknit the adorable Hyphen sweater pattern in some luxury superwash like MadelineTosh or something equally fine when I can afford it. Such a relief to just let myself off the hook for it. Lesson learned. Cheap yarn isn’t always a bargain.

But since I wanted to be making something for the baby, well, I started this.


A simple hexie afghan, and yes, it’s really that blisteringly pink. Miss Aubrey LOVES pink. Like more than any other color in the world, and according to her mother, the brighter the better. I’m about 3 rows – 27 squares – in to what will ultimately be a 15 row – 135 square – blanket. Good for naps and watching Octonauts on the couch or what have you. It’s Caron Simply Soft in “neon pink” which I had leftover from the Pussyhat Project caps I knit for the march on Washington. It’s also very cheap yarn but oh so soft and I think suitable for a toddler blanket. If this pink isn’t bright enough, I don’t know what will be.

Captain Sexypants has a birthday coming up, so I threw together some odd balls of fingering weight yarn and started a Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf (pattern from Churchmouse Yarns).


There’s some Koigu, some Sophie’s Toes, some Rowan. I’m about 2″ in to what is supposed to be a 6″ wide scarf. I love the fabric, love linen stitch, and LOVE this scarf – what a great way to use sock yarn you might not turn into actual socks.  I’ve got three more bags of yarn set up to do more of these when I finish this one. I think this is going to be a hot contender for the Christmas Gift Pattern Of Choice in 2017.

So what’ve you got on the needles on this rainy Saturday? And hey, if I know you from the good old days, where are you blogging now? Or ARE you still blogging? Where my knitters at these days?

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After seeing this pattern referenced on Mason Dixon Knitting and finding it on my long-ignored Ravelry queue, I decided that I needed to knit myself one. I live in Southern California again, and, while not exactly a nexus of polar vortex, it does dip down a little bit at night here in the “winter” months. And by “down” I mean, it’s been getting into the high 40’s at night, which is basically a pretty balmy spring day up in the mountains.

I don’t, actually, miss that part.

Shortly after we moved to Mi-Wuk 3 years ago, I cast on a shawlette in some unknown silk blend, thinking it would make a nice winter scarf. Heh. Reality quickly disabused me of that notion and it went into the Basket of Shame while I cast on something warmer, in alpaca. While it might have been a little bit light for the climate there, the DK weight silk blend is perfect for the climate here. Sadly I’ve lost the tags, so I have no idea what exactly this blend is made of, who dyed it, or where I bought it. The colors remind me a little of a soft Impressionist painting, though, and I’m utterly delighted with the results.

Et Viola, I present the Monet Mystery Honey Cowl. The First. It’s a great, repetitive, two row pattern, one of which is knitting and one of which is purling and slipping. It’s easy enough to do while watching a movie or having a conversation with a friend.

Thanks, Mason Dixon Knitting! I probably wouldn’t have knit this one without finding your archive of Honey Cowls. And now I have a new favorite go-to gift project.

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Still reeling from the results of the election and dealing with a lot of anxiety about the well-being of myself and my fellow MoT, our Muslim-American neighbors, the LGBT community, #BlackLivesMatter, and in general the nation and the planet, in the wake of November 8th.  Pretty much every single day brings a new headline that adds to my current existential angst, and I can’t imagine that’s going to change or improve anytime soon. So what does one do when one is having panic attacks about a Trump presidency and dreading the inevitable civil rights nightmare that will shortly follow inauguration day?

Well there’s been some knitting. Rather a lot of knitting, actually. Which, while not as effective as a Xanax with a Pinot Noir chaser, takes some of the edge off.

Given the rapidly approaching winter holidays, I did knit up rather a respectable stack of gifts.

From the bottom, that’s a Porom in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru and another in Knit Picks Andean Treasures, a Norie in Peru, a beanie in leftover Noro and Classic Elite Wynter from last year’s Christmas knitting, and some striped socks in Sophie’s Toes. I do enjoy the simple knits. I’ve got a Honey Cowl in some unknown silk handpaint from my stash on the needles now, and that’s been fun.

This blog started out as a knitting blog and I feel like it may be turning back into one. Which is fine because, that means knitting.

In other news, I’m a Postpartum Placenta Specialist now. Which means if you have a baby, you live in Southern California, and you want to have your placenta encapsulated you can call me, I’m your girl. It’s been a really nice thing to add on to being a labor and postpartum doula and I’m happy to be able to provide it to my clients.

Omg, hey, Captain Sexypants and I made it to Kansas and got married! He wore hand knit socks to say “I Do.” You know, like ya do when your wife is a knitter…


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Between One Word orders, designing new packaging and trying to knock out my year-end inventory stuff for taxes, it’s been a full week in the studio. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about stashbusting!

Superwash Corriedale from Funky Carolina in “Fly Away”

This might wind up getting knit as a hat for my Dad’s birthday. I haven’t decided. I probably should decide soon though, since his birthday is almost here. There’s great whack of sock knitting happening as well. Living somewhere that requires socks makes one remember that one prefers handknit socks over just about any other option.


All of the fiber has moved under the A-frame eves of our bedroom this week, which makes me glad I decided to pare it down a bit. We have decided to get rid of our storage unit in town, so everything is moving up to the cabin (or going to the dump, by way of Mom’s garage.)

I may have put my foot down about Captain Sexypants’s stash of scrap lumber, which I don’t think belongs in the bedroom.

Wool probably doesn’t belong in the bedroom either, but it’s prettier.

I have always had a fundamental objection to storage units, feeling like there’s really no point in spending money to store things you aren’t using. Just get rid of them! Are there other countries in the world where it’s considered normal to pay for space to store the things one paid for but doesn’t need? Or is that a strictly American invention? Whatever it is, I think we’re both finding this to be a little difficult. Lots of stuff in there that we weren’t ready to deal with or let go of just yet – stuff from our single lives like extra toasters and chef’s knives – and All The Books that we still haven’t got room for in the tiny cabin.  We pay lip service to tiny house living and simplifying and all that – and now there is an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is. I’m glad to be rid of it all. Even if it means that we are must hotly debate the merits of wool vs. scrap lumber as bedroom décor.

It occurs to me that I might kill two birds with one stone if I beg the Cap to turn the lumber into bookshelves for all the extra books.

Perhaps he’ll accept payment in handspun socks.

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Still flirting with sticks and string when I can, when the spirit is upon me. And oh, how I’ve missed it. What with missing my LA show and very slow Etsy sales this season, I have some extra time that I hadn’t expected. Which is good because, there’s a great whack of Christmas knitting…

I keep telling myself that it is time to trust in the process, to know that we are still recovering, and that it will be ok. There are deep changes afoot and they are not ready to be born just yet.

It’s good to remember that knitting helps when one is sailing upon deep, dark seas of emotion. Mostly I am knitting small things. Simple things. I am knitting for comfort these days. A pair of warm woolen mittens for my daughter. A striped hat for the Captain’s sweet boy. Not a lot of challenge in them for the most part, but sometimes you just need simple comfort.


Knitting, as always, serves as an apt metaphor for life. And sometimes it does double duty as a flotation device. Spent a frustrating couple of days trying to knit a pair of mittens as a gift for my daughter. I have never done mittens before. The first pair wound up being a bit lumpy and the decreases were clumsy and uneven. My needles were a bit small for the yarn I was using (Manos), hence the frustrating part. It worked out, though, as the extra tight knit wound up being great for the subfreezing temps we are experiencing right now. I decided to hang on to the lumpy little things and executed a second, more perfect pair, in soft white Malabrigo. Finally got the hang of it now, and a formula for making a thumb gusset. Crazy mitten ideas are racing through my head like wildfire. It’s too bad the bulk of my friends are in Los Angeles because now I want to make mittens for everybody.

Warm things. Useful things. Small things. Things made of Malabrigo. That’s just how things are rolling right now. But. There is lace on my horizon, count on it.

If only.

If only I could read the future like a piece knitting.
Discover each dropped stitch just in time,
and tink it back carefully
before it all unravels,
leaving no unsightly ladders.
No gaps in what should be unbroken.
Or better yet, to catch the thread before it drops
tuck it back into place
avoiding disaster gracefully.
As if to say, “I meant to do that.”
If only it were as simple
as these loops of yarn,
sliding off these bamboo needles.
The thick and the thin, sometimes splitting and fraying.
If only spit splicing new strands
into the whole
to mend what has broken
really came off quite this effortlessly.
If only.

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I’m on 5 of 6 repeats. Thank god. Because that means I’m close to being done. Perhaps with tonight’s Criminal Minds marathon on Ion I will manage to get it all done and off my needles and out of my grill and, you know, just, done.

hat is taking shape

It looks fantastic, it’s shaping up nicely. The whole thing is knit on straights, flat and shaped as you go with short rows. You just graft it up the back when you’re done. Or a mattress stitch, if you didn’t use a provisional cast on like instructed because you forgot a crochet hook and some waste yarn and had to cast on at D&D because you needed something to do with your hands while other people were rolling in combat and then the DM looked at you like you might be coocoo for cocoa puffs when you asked him did he have any wool on hand, so you just, improvised and figured you’d work it out later.

Did I mention, brilliant?

And a shit ton of short rows?


You shape the crown as you go (also with short rows) which is bloody brilliant.

This pattern is like, so perfect for a vibrant, messy, chaotic handspun yarn like this one, where the color combination is maybe a little crazypants. I especially like how it stripes vertically from crown to brim.

I love everything about this hat, except knitting it.

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I’m knitting this great tam by Wooly Wormhead, called “Dulcie.” It’s the second one I’ve knit and I’m making it out of some roving I spun up a la Fat Cat Knits.

Fat Cat Knits April 2010 club

Now, do not get me wrong. I love this hat. I do. It is clever and mathematical and smart. I love the one I knit for myself and I know the person I’m knitting this #!@#!@ hat for will love it too. And I also know, because this is just how I roll, I will probably knit it a few more times as a gift when one is needed. The pattern is just that good.

But seriously it’s making me want to stab myself in the eye with a #9 rosewood straight needle.

The pattern is comprised of 6 repeats total – each repeat is 40 rows. And each repeat has multiple bits of short row shaping. So there is some counting and paying of the attention and honestly, how can I focus on my The Walking Dead marathon a la DVR when I have to count stitches, and, you know, pay attention?

Also I might be running out of yarn. And it is handspun. Which means I cannot make more, because all the roving is gone. This means I’m getting nervous and starting to count and do things with math, just in case.

So now this hat is also making me want to start drinking, to go along with the stabbing.

The cats look a little worried.

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