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Has it been over a year since I wrote a blog here? Holy cow, it has. What happened???

So much has happened.

I think for purposes of this blog, it’s safe to say that primarily a crippling depression happened. That seems to happen every few years. By now I’ve learned that it always goes away, one day the sun comes out again, but it can be hard while I’m in the middle of it. I’ve been doing a lot of emotional and energetic healing. 

I decided to take a year off of the Faire and festival circuit. My last show was Thanksgiving weekend. I came home from that, unloaded the boxes into my garage, cried, and shut the door on my studio for 6 months. Literally. I sat at the bench and worked on a piece of jewelry for the first time since before Thanksgiving, yesterday.

It felt good.

I’m clearing out a backlog of repairs and overdue club packages – sorry about that. It happened. I have no excuses. I’m working on getting it all cleaned up.

I have no excuses but did I mention the crippling depression, anxiety, and a complete shut-down of pretty much everything that makes my life feel happy and worth living? It’s been going on since before we moved down off the mountain, but the last 6 months have been particularly bad. Like walking through fog and quicksand. We decided that this whole Northern California experiment was going tits up in a bad way. I can’t live 300 miles away from my partner ⅔ of the time and he has to work where the movies are.  Captain Sexypants and I had a come to Jesus chat and it was unanimously decided that we will be relocating back down to Los Angeles this summer. I’m so relieved I can’t even tell you. That was the first lifting I’ve felt in months.

It’s hard to blog when you have brain fog and feel shrouded in sadness. I could really only focus on one thing at a time and I couldn’t maintain here and build my doula business at the same time. Did I mention, I became a birth and postpartum doula earlier this year? I did! I love it. But it has been taking up what little available brain space I’ve got, that’s for sure.

My hope is that I will be able to more gracefully balance the two loves of my life – birth and art – going forward. I won’t be taking on much by way of shows on the traveling circuit for the remainder of 2016 OR in 2017. I’ll keep you posted, there are a couple of shows I might try to do but it’s hard to travel when you’re on call for babies! I’ll be keeping the online shop open though, whether we’re on the road or not. New stuff soon, I hope! 

I missed blogging here. I missed making jewelry. I miss making art.

I missed being myself, here, and I missed having a space where I could write freely without keeping it topical and focused on one thing all the time. Not that I ever LOST this space, I just couldn’t bring myself to use it for a while. 

Feeling a little better, now.

I have a lot to catch everyone up on, and not all of it is sad. Dust off the page, take the sheets off the couch, because I’m home.

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We have said goodbye to spacious Nuthouse Estates and moved into even more spacious Green Acres. It’s a great little duplex and we kind of love everything about it. Needless to say, it’s been kind of a busy month.

I’m still living in boxes, mostly, but I’ve got the living room unpacked. I am happy to have my friendly art and my books around me.

Also, high speed internet has been hooked up, which does not suck one little bit. Oh Netflix, I am so happy to have you again. Look at all the series I’ve missed!

Green Acres has a fireplace!

We can’t seem to escape that 60’s era wood paneling! Fortunately it’s just one short wall.




Back to the sofa and my ice packs… if I don’t emerge from this pile of boxes in a few weeks, send Mounties! Lots and lots of Mounties!

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This morning, I discovered that, at some point during our Big, Fat, Cross-State, Prohibitively Expensive, During-A-Forest-Fire, Evacuated, Three Weeks in Storage, Move (With Five Cats) that  one of the fellows who helped us accidentally backed our rented moving truck into a fire hydrant.

Over the fire hydrant.

Breaking. The. Fire. Hydrant.

And then he drove away from the scene.

You’ll keep in mind that the move was six months ago.

Obviously, the boys neglected to mention it.

Until now. And only because the insurance company finally caught up with them, via my email address. Whoops!

I think we officially WIN at moving.

A few hours later…


What? Ok, wait. What happened here?


Ah. I see it now.


Everything is explained.

Fortunately, my man is a master fixer upper.


Daddy always said there were only two things you needed in this world. Duct tape and WD40.


I rest my case.

After stuffing as many feathers back into the sofa as I could, I took the slipcover out to the yard to shake it out. Sadly, I did not take account of the wind or in which direction it happened to be blowing. We watched the feathers blow past our living room window and into the neighbor’s yard.

The yard that our neighbor had just finished raking.

Actually, we watched the feathers drift past the neighbor who was still holding the rake. Also watching the feathers. Looking perplexed.

I guess everyone is having a bad case of the Mondays.

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The weather has most definitely turned up here on the mountain. Nights are cold, cold cold, and mornings are crisp like the best apple you ever ate. Clear blue skies and autumn sunlight filtering through the pines. After 18 years in LA, all my visual cues are set for “warm” and it is always a shock to step outside and feel the air – colder than I expect.

But really, that’s not the most exciting thing. Ollie and I made a Discovery the other day… I’d heard rumors before I moved here, of course, of a mysterious tribe that lived in the park. But it was all myth and legend until the other day.


Could it be… kittens? It IS kittens. Three kittens, to be precise.


It is a confirmed kitten sighting.

Meanwhile, inside OUR place, it is All Cats All the Time. There is Exploration going on.


Looks like vertical space is in hot demand here at the Fortress of Solitude. It would appear that the Gleaming Cat Towers of Gondor are not sufficient variety for our arboreal dwellers.


Princess Bonbon Fluffypants Von Schnitzeltoes has not got many deep thoughts, but she does like exploring.

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Holy cow, we made it.

We moved in.

We live on top of a mountain, now.

And now? Settling in with a nice cup of tea.

My favorite tea is from Harney & Sons and is their Russian Country blend. It’s a substantial cup that manages to be delicately, delightfully smoky. Kind of like the mountain right now. The Rim Fire is still only 80% contained but pushing back up towards wilderness and granite and not so much towards houses anymore. There are fewer firemen on our side of things, though I’m told they will have crews out here until the first snow. “The first snow.” People up here say that like, you know, it just snows like a normal thing that you can expect, like a train or the mail, which I guess it does. There’s going to be a first snow and then a second snow and a third, until it’s all snow. That’s usually the thing they say before they eye my little red Honda and say, “You have a 4wd, right?” and we say, “Uh. No. We’re working on it.” and they say, “Good. Because, you know, you’ll get a LOT of snow up there.”

You know. A lot of snow. Like you get, like a normal thing.

Our boxes are slowly becoming a stack of broken down cardboard, and the house is slowly taking on a new life, pieces of our previous lives mixing up to make something entirely new.

Seems like a good time to stop and make a cup of tea.




The view up here is lovely and it is quiet, and maybe the kind of place that makes you realize that you haven’t really sat down and stopped and enjoyed a cup of tea in a long long time. Oh sure you’ve had a cup of tea, but your mind has been racing on to the next thing and you haven’t really Been Here Now in any kind of meaningful way. Maybe not in years.

One of the lovely things about a nice cup of tea, of course, is that it can make the world slow down a little bit, if you let it.



Even the social scene is changing and bringing new friends who are happy to stop by for a drink and a chat.

Life on the mountain is good and a little bit smoky.

Kind of like a nice cup of tea.

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We are out of our homes in Southern CA, and camped out in my mom’s spare room in the Valley. The evacuation advisory continues in our new town of Long Barn and the fire crews are staged all around. A lot of activity in that part of the world right now! And we, well, we are staying out of the way.

Like with the Station Fire, I am reminded of how beautiful and compelling these fires can be. A primal force of nature. People say fire is good for the forest, but you know, not like this. This fire is SO hot, so destructive, it’s just obliterated the areas it has passed through. Seeds burst, yes, and things grow from fire, but not when that fire is thousands of degrees too hot for them to survive the burning.

As of tonight, we are still here in limbo, and we don’t know when we’ll be able to go to our new house. And you know, it’s ok. We’re fine. We feel lucky to have a comfortable place to wait it out in, but I’ll admit that it’s also hard to feel displaced. So many folks have been evacuated or are packed to be evacuated – it isn’t just some ancient Sequoias in Yosemite that are at risk here, but 20,000 residents of the 108 corridor in Tuolumne County whose homes are in danger.

The fire is 213,414 acres. That’s 333 square miles of fire, y’all. It is only 35% contained.

Hopefully the next time I write, it will be from our new home.

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Emergency kit

I do not think this is what people had in mind when they said, “Build an emergency earthquake kit.”

I have no memory of doing this.

It’s like, some really bad elves dumped out the water, cat food and clean emergency underwear, and replaced it with merino in the night.

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