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cafe flowers

while much of the country languishes underneath pounds of snow and ice, there is sunwashed brick and al fresco dining here in Pasadena, California.

The sunshine really only lasted for about half the day before clouds began rolling back in and we’re getting rain the rest of the week, but it was really nice while it was out. There was something about the flowers against the texture of the brick and the crisp white cloth that really appealed to me here.

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Tiny Darling

Our Darling

the little headstones always make me melancholy. This one was broken and lying rather haphazardly in the leaves between two larger stones in a much older section of the graveyard we visited this weekend. I did not get the sense that any of the three were related, alas. Someone was obviously loved, but I wonder, where did Darling’s people go?

I am taking some flowers to Darling this week. I don’t actually know who he or she was, but figure that it is good to be remembered.

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