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Well, that’s what one of my friends calls it, anyway. Except not so much. And still not a Magical Land of Gay Marriage, either. Tons of rallies in support of Marriage Equality are happening tomorrow all over California. Maybe one in your hometown. Check it out! Go if you can. Show support if you can not. Avoid driving nearby and getting caught in traffic, if possible.


As I try to work through the unfinished knitting in my project basket, my mind skips ahead to all the other things I’d like to knit. This is in part due to having a 10% off coupon to BMFA that I need to use by the end of the month. While the February Lady is calling out to me, Mr. Greenjeans is also, and then there is Hey Teach!

I have a pretty limited yarn budget, but I’d hate to waste my coupon, so I am thinking that instead of wasting it on more sock yarn that I’ll just stash, I’d like to maybe buy enough yarn at one time and in one fiber/colorway to work on a couple of these projects I’ve had in my mind. I think Hey Teach! would be lovely in some Rose Quartz Peru, and Twisted might be fun for working Mr. Greenjeans. I desperately need to knit a couple of sweaters, and fast! I threw all my old crappy storebought sweaters out after watching way too much What Not To Wear (Best. Reality. Show. EVAR.) with #2 Daughter, and I only have two sweaters now. Callie and an old cashmere pullover my Grandma bought me. Curse you, Stacy and Clinton! Where are you with my $5,000 gift card??? I am frumpy, in danger of being naked and I need you!

I’ve been working on that nifty Noro Scarf from Jared Flood’s blog, and the colorways I picked blend nicely, if a bit subdued. Given that this is a holiday gift for my dad, I think it’ll be just perfect for him.

Dad's scarf

In other news, I’m nearly done with the fall semester, just a few more weeks. So far, so good, got an A on my midterm and I’m feeling fairly confident about my final grade as long as I keep on like I’ve been going. I’ve got all my classes for the winter intercession registered and paid for, and am working out my schedule for spring. I’m switching into full time student mode at the end of this term, trying to work through my prerequisites so that I can apply to my nursing program next spring. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to get there, and even then, admission isn’t guaranteed. I may have to apply to several programs. We’ll see. It’s exciting and a little scary. It’s really happening. I’m really doing it!

I’m about to have no life, starting in January, so I’d best get those sweaters knitted fast! Since the fashion dream team doesn’t seem to be materializing with money for a whole new wardrobe, I guess I’m on my own.

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Juno, Regina.

Juno Regina

It seemed appropriate to cast on for Juno Regina in light of having just completed a course in ancient history. Naturally, my research paper for the class was about women and textiles. While Juno didn’t have any specific links to textiles that I can find, she was the protector of women in ancient Rome, and women were the ones who spun the wool and made the cloth. Close enough for government work. It also seems appropriate because Juno, like so many of Mim’s other patterns, has these elegant and stately columns of stockinette stitch and yarnovers (which, I am sorry to say, are a total slog to get through.) Columns are tres Roman, non?

Plus, my history class was a complete and utter bore in the middle, capped with periods of intense interest on either end.

Really, it’s the perfect project to commemorate going back to college and will always remind me of the first class I took on the road to my degree. I’ll wear it with pride.

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