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make some truly kick arse lemonade! We are back to photography, the Photo of the Day (because it is still September!) and this is today’s offering.


Gourmet lemonades at the Fancy Food Truck Fest that they hold at the Pasadena Chef’s Center every Friday from 6 – 9 pm. I believe one was coconut lemonade and the other was watermelon rosemary. I tried the latter, it was really good. The watermelon mellowed out the lemon, and the rosemary was very subtle. Delicious and refreshing.

The Captain, Captain Jr., and Youngest Daughter and I all went out to this shindig last night and pretty much unanimously voted for the Komodo Truck, then Coolhaus for ice cream. It was amazing. I’m really digging the food truck phemonenon that is taking over LA, though I really wish they’d make like Portland and start having pods. Maybe that is next. My little family + food trucks = bliss, in any case.

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I have been a little behind on the photo a day postings, but there is definitely a lot of photography going on over here, chez Honey&Ollie. I signed up for Kim Klassen’s free skinny photoshop ecourse, watched her free textures in ten tutorial, and popped for a membership in her Test Kitchen. Subsequently, I have been busily downloading and playing with all manner of free toys. I’m learning to use brushes and textures and use layers in my Photoshop Elements program. It’s been pretty fun, a nice creative exercise when I haven’t had much inspiration to pick up my art journal, and I’m learning some new skill sets.

So here’s the first image I altered using a few of Kim’s textures:
textured altar

And here is the original:
original altar

I’m not super happy with the way the altered image came out. I think I was a little heavy-handed with the textures and definitely with the airbrush there where I darkened the corners. It looks pretty clumsy in spots. But, I love the overall visual interest and movement that the textures give the photo. I like texture use when it’s primarily used to lightly sex up an image rather than dominate it… rather like using sheer Stila gloss rather than a bongo red Mac lipstick.

I know I will look back on this initial clumsy effort and chuckle, but that’s okay. It’s how we learn. I’m really excited about picking this up and honing some of my Photoshop skills, adding that little extra element to my photography.

Kim is offering her Skinny Mini e-course for FREE over at her blog right now, and there are a whole bunch of other free tutorials up on her site for folks to peruse. You should definitely go check it out. You can also sign up for a free weekly texture to download. It’s a nice way to add to your collection. I’m looking forward to taking more of her paid e-courses over the next few months, as I continue my Photoshop explorations.

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sign ups for the giveaway of A Dragonfly In Amber end tonight at midnight! So don’t miss out! Sign up now if you haven’t already!

Leave a comment and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!!

Today’s photo, which is technically cheating because it was a spare from earlier in the week but who is counting…

cow in boots

Cow in boots.

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“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Day 4
Sept 11 Photo A Day project

Took my camera to a wedding. Only pic that came out…

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Day 3
September 2011 Photo A Day

out the front door, make a right turn to the carport, HELLO spider! Hello plant! You are looking weedy today…

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September 2011 Photo A Day project


Casa Fabulous has a fantastic, wide, shady front porch that has various lanterns and windchimes making it even better. We spend many hours here on summer days. It might even be the heart of the property, in terms of where people tend to gravitate, right after the kitchen.

I’ll be putting these and extra bonus shots in a Flickr set as the month goes on.

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I realized recently that I had not picked up my camera for anything other than jewelry and shop shoots in weeks. This made me sad because I so love doing photography just for the fun of it. So I decided that I was going to do a photo a day project for the month of September. One month (30 days) of taking a photo every day. More importantly, I wanted to make it a series of fairly unstaged “this is what my life looks like” shots, with minimal editing. Stuff I see or do every day.

September 2011. A month in the life, photo series.

Day 1

Windowsill: pink elephants on parade

Pink elephants on parade. The pink ‘phants lived on my grandmother’s dresser in the spare room, next to the antique monogrammed silver hairbrush, comb and mirror set. When I was a little girl, I’d stand and look at them and sometimes if nobody was watching, I’d reach out and touch one very carefully. When my grandmother passed away, my aunt made sure the ‘phants came to live at my house. I take a moment to admire them every day.

This is the window just to the side of my comfy chair, where I do most of my work online. It’s a happy little window.

Won’t you join me? Pick up your camera and document a month in YOUR life. Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re in, so I can list you in the sidebar/follow your progress!

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