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I woke up on Sunday morning, the last morning of Craftcation, and wandered down to the lobby. The decorations were coming down, the things were all packed up, pop up shop closing, and oh I just felt so sad. Just like last year, a few days in and I was finally getting into the swing of it all! I guess it’s a good sign when they leave you wanting more, right?

I left Craftcation wanting more, but I also left it with a plan! After the amazing “post Craftcation plan” workshop led by Tiffany Han late on Saturday, I felt like I really had a handle on what I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming weeks.

A plan.

It does all boil down to “make shit happen in a big way” but thanks to Tiffany’s amazing workshop, I feel like I have the tools to actually do it.


Captain Sexypants and I made plans to stay an extra day in sunny Ventura, so after bidding farewell to some new friends, I zipped over to the local Amtrak platform to await his train, Americano-for-him and latte-for-me in hand. Because I am nothing if not the best girlfriend on the entire planet, right?

An Americano for him, Latte for me.

Waiting is hard.

Even if it only took about ten minutes for the train to get there once I settled in.

Pulling in to the station!

And then the world was complete.

He arrives!

People should take more trains. There is nothing like seeing your best darling walking towards you across a train platform, and the feeling of bouncy anticipation you get when they get closer, and closer until finally you can throw your arms around them and shower them with 3 days of saved up kisses.

Happy Happy All Together, The End.

We are nothing, if not cute.

And terribly predictable.

Well caffeinated.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of beach walking and long lingering coffee shopping. It really was too short, but exactly what I needed. I have been feeling so terribly burned out by it all, lately. I’m feeling better now. A few days away was pretty much exactly what I needed!

I had joyful reunion with Princess BonBon von Fluffypants von Schnitzeltoes, Admiral Mittens, Duchess Honeytoes von Crankypants, Professor Oliver Plumpypants, Charles Bukatski, and That Mr. Tinklebritches, too.

Vacations are good for everyone.


So there are some big changes coming down the pike for Honey&Ollie Designs. New website and e-shop. Really exciting new designs and an entirely retooled collection on the horizon and of course, to have new stuff we must start saying goodbye to old stuff! I’ll be doing that with a fantastic clearance sale. I’ll be opening that up to my mailing list with a special coupon code, about a week before I open it up to everyone else, so if you want to get up to 40% off on things you may have been stalking, you can sign up here for my mailing list and get the goods before everyone else!

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Bunny and Morro Rock

Fantastic trip.

We totally ate like wee piggies…
Ethiopian on Telegraph Fried cheese at Fenton's. Kind of a tradition. Huitres et pommes frites
smoked salmon bruschetta Fentons Chocolate Ice Cream Soda Bunny contemplates mocha at Crepevine

Which made me very happy! I’m especially happy in this shot because everyone else was eating raw oysters and I played the kosher card for all it was worth. I really dislike raw oysters. The taste is ok, but it’s a textural thing. The girlie, OTOH, ballsed up and slurped down shellfish with the big girls.

In this shot, I am fervently grateful to be Jewish Emily eats a raw oyster

We did nothing but eat for 6 days. Holy cow. I think I gained ten pounds. Then, I think I walked it all off. Our hotel was 6 blocks from the UC Berkeley campus, right on Telegraph. We tromped everywhere, took BART under the Bay, saw good friends and did I mention the food? Korean, Ethiopian, Fenton’s ice cream, the Crepevine in Rockridge, oysters, salmon bruschetta and pommes frites in San Francisco, Peet’s Coffee and of course, Zachary’s pizza pies…

Zachary's pies

The whole point of this little trip, though, was to acquaint the girlie with the UC Berkeley campus and give her a taste of what she might get to enjoy if she keeps her grades up and works hard for the remainder of high school. It seems to have taken.
Em on steps of Wheeler

I really miss Berkeley. I have to admit that by the second day of our trip I was entertaining thoughts of going back there to live one day. It is one of a handful of places on this earth that truly feel like Home to me. Oh… and… I might have acquired a thousand yards of laceweight pashmina and eight hundred yards of silk/merino laceweight plus some bone dpns at Lacis, there on Adeline @ Ashby. There’s a ton of other yarn stores which we didn’t make it to. I may have to take a second trip.

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and now…. we plan vacation

Finals being over, it is time for fun! In a week or two (after my spa day of course!) the youngest and I are heading off on a whirlwind trip up the Central Coast of CA, explore the area, maybe go to the elephant seal sanctuary, and then we’ll spend 3 days in a B&B in the Bay Area, while the youngest tours UC Berkeley and Mills College. She’s getting to that age, ya know. We’ll do a little shopping, eat some tasty stuff you can’t get in LA, and generally enjoy the heck out of ourselves. I love road trips! I’ve never been to the part of CA that we’re hitting first, around Morro Bay and Atascadero, so that’ll be a lot of fun for us to explore.

And August of course is the month that the youngest turns 15, so there will be the appropriate natal day celebrations.

There are some who read this blog who might remember when she was tiny and still wore sparkly mary jane shoes. Now it is all high heels, lip gloss and nose piercing, I am afraid.

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